Problematic Employee Situations and Easy Solutions


Arguably the most important task for a company owner or manager is to make sure that work is getting done, and everyone’s moving in the same direction. Each employee is like a cog in a complex machinery, and everyone has to be doing their job to reach the common goal.

However all too often managers and owners alike run into the challenge of dealing with unmotivated employees not doing their jobs. That can range from not coming to work, taking leisurely lunch breaks, not clocking in or out, and ultimately cheating the system.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with unmotivated employees, here we’ll go through the common problems, and what can be done to solve them through using DeskTime software. Of course, not all problems can be solved with software along, but this is a beginning to help identify the problem, and that’s the first step to learning to deal with the problem at a deeper level. (see our post on employee empowerment).

Employees not clocking in or out

You wouldn’t believe how many CEOs search this term! If you’re having a problem with employees not clocking in/out, or cheating their workday length, then you’re not alone.

The main problem with employees not clocking in or out properly, is because it’s just a complicated system! Old time-sheets are cumbersome, they take attention away from work itself, and are easy to cheat.

The easy solution: make it easier for them.

Some companies do that by using a magnetic cards at entrances. We offer an even better way. By using DeskTime productivity software, you by default see the first moment when your employees start work, and you see when they leave as well. All automatically pulled together into a report, with absolutely no work from them employees’ side.

Employees not working on company work while in the office

images-32Employees simply not doing their work is tough problem to breach, that all too many people have. This can stem from several reasons – maybe the work isn’t interesting for your employee, maybe they don’t know how much time they’re actually spending on those time-wasting sites.

The easy solution: let the employees see for themselves that they’re not working

For employees to see what you see, they can take a look at their DeskTime profile. Then they’ll really see how much time they’re actually spending on Youtube watching fail compilations.

When your employees can see the visualization of how their time is spent, then they can themselves make more informed decisions on how they spend their time. If this doesn’t work? Then there may be a deeper problem that you should talk out and take a look at.

Employees cheating the system – arriving late, leaving early

We’re all human, and so we can understand when someone is running late in the morning, or has to leave early to pick up a kid from school. But when you’re running a company with many employees, it’s difficult to keep track of who has been doing this a few too many times, taking advantage of our human memory and forgiveness.

The easy solution: receive notifications for consistently late employees

The key here is to identify those rare cases when an employee is consistently cheating the system, rather than penalizing those employees who really did get stuck in a traffic jam, etc. With DeskTime you get to see the employees who have been consistently late over the course of a month, that way identifying those employees who might have to be spoken to.

Employees not working when the boss is away


The typical “home alone” syndrome, that when the boss is away, it’s time to party! Though this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s that nagging feeling that manager get when they leave the office.

The easy solution: keep an eye on the office while you’re away

With DeskTime, you can see who’s at the office working, and who’s not. Even when you’re away from a computer, you can use the mobile app to check up on the office.

Employees not bringing results despite working at the computer

That familiar situation that even though you’ve got employees in the office, you can see them working, but for some reason the work they’re doing isn’t leading to results.

The easy solution: find out what tasks they’re working on to pinpoint the problem

If your employees are sitting working on a document all day, when what they should be doing is researching and bringing in new partners, then you can quickly see that they’re working on the wrong tasks. This lets you regroup, redefine tasks and create a new plan of attack to get the ball rolling.

Employee control through time tracking software isn’t necessary for breathing down the necks or spying on your employees, but rather to gain data and statistics to uncover the root of the problem, so that you can manage the situation with confidence.

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