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How to Deal with an Overwhelming Workload

We’ve all been there – the feeling that you’re drowning under a pile of only growing work. As the feeling overwhelms you, you think, how on earth am I going to deal with this?

This is something I’ve been dealing with recently, and in stead of simply tossing up my hands and saying it’s impossible, I decided that I owe at least myself, if not my many bosses, to at least try to conquer the glorious mountain of work.

So it’s on. I decided that I would to EVERYTHING to the maximum, use every moment I had, stretch my attention to the max. I was going to have a week of ultra-productivity.

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New V2 Features are here!

Hallelujah, V2 has arrived! And along with it, many new features.

We have two new sections: colleagues, and reports!

We had a blog post on the new reports last week, you can see it here. But the summary is, now everyone can see reports (not just Admins), and now you can see your productivity scale throughout the day. A more detailed explanation of using Reports will follow in the days to come.

In the colleagues section you’re able to see which of your colleagues are at their desk, their position, photo, and have access to their contact info.

The long-awaited feature – exporting your document names to XLS! Now you can export the names of all of your Word files, Excel files, TextEdit, you name it! Go to your profile, and find the application whose filed you’d like to export. Then click “Export to XLS”

Time Report brings you to the next level of managing your productivity. See how productive you are throughout the day to manage your habits and make more informed decisions.

The Timetable has also had a facelift. Now you can log time before and after you show up at the computer. Indicate the precise amount of time that you were completing a task, to make your reports that much more accurate.

Now in the employees section, you’ll find a new column showing the total amount of time an employee spent at work. Note: this can be seen for the previous day, if the current day isn’t finished yet.


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Rethinking the Productivity of Cat Photos

Here at DeskTime, we deal with the notion of productivity on a daily basis. We’ve come to the conclusion that sites that may seem like a productivity drain, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, may actually give a worker that necessary moment of rest to boost productivity later. Also, who says that this social media might not be part of your working day?

So we decided that the ultimate productivity drain is cat photos. We even made a comic featuring this. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Turns out we’re wrong.

A recent study shows that individuals who are shown pictures of kittens and puppies have a higher productivity rate, and can complete a task with more precision, than an individual who has been shown a photo of, for example, food. Here’s the proof:

So the moral of the story? Maybe employers should cover their office walls with kitten photos. And we’ll probably add some cat photos in our website too.

Have a great work week!

office environment productivity

Can an office environment really affect productivity? – The answer is YES! [UPDATED]

If you’re redecorating or relocating your office, spend some time thinking about your furniture, décor and other interior accessories. Studies show that office environment has a great impact on employees’ productivity and work efficiency.

You may not think much about it, but the way an office is set up, from individual desks to the office’s lighting, affects how people perform. So, if you’re dealing with sluggish staff or simply want your team to get more done during a work day, here are some discoveries to remember:

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