How to Explain Time-Tracking to Employees

This is often the main question that employers have to deal with when considering time-tracking at the office. It may seem like a daunting task, but really, it’s a piece of cake. Here are some options, that will get your employees on-board and excited about time-tracking.

1) Personally improve time management

By understanding where your time goes, you’re able to make informed decisions about your computer habits. Knowing where your time goes empowers you to make smarter choices about the websites you visit, how much time you spend, and understanding your general productivity within a day.

2) Value employee time

Almost any manager would agree that there’s always that one person who consistently shows up late, or does less work than they should be doing. This, of course, puts a damper on the rest of the employees – why should they work, if this dude is slacking? Time tracking flags these people, and evens the playing field – no one slips by, credit is given where credit is due.

Additionally, when you do see who’s working and how hard (DeskTime also shows you the most productive employees), it’s much easier to implement a transparent incentive program. So really, you’re showing your employees that you value their time, and that hard work pays off.

3) Boost motivation

All of this together, empowered decisions, valued time, and maybe even bonus incentives, will lead to a general boost in motivation. Employees working together to achieve company goals, a bit of healthy competition for that bonus, and the understanding that slackers have no place there, that their time really isn’t going unnoticed.

4) You’re not a dictator, privacy is respected

A lot of people would get freaked out that their time is being tracked. But you’re not a dictator, and your employees privacy will always be respected. They know about the time-tracking, they can see their results, just like you can. At any point your employees can put on private time and can work without being tracked.

Anything we’ve forgotten to mention? Let us know, we’d be glad to share it 🙂

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